Ted Hughes Poetry Trail

We have found TalkingPEN a wonderful resource for use with school groups and for people with a visual impairment who wish to enjoy the Ted Hughes Poetry Trail at Stover Country Park. We have received very positive feedback from visitors using TalkingPEN; comments have included its ease of use and quality of sound in an outdoor setting. ' 
Laura Whitehouse - Senior Ranger, Stover Country Park

Anderson House

"We are very excited to get started. There are so many possibilities. This will really benefit our site."

John Fletcher, Manager of Oral Histories, Anderson House

Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre

Culloden has increased accessibility of the interpretation for partially sighted visitors at Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre with our new audio description tool the DiscoveryPEN. Available at the front desk. ‘Hi-tech Pen brings the battle-site to life… The DiscoveryPEN is used to touch labels, leaflets, medallions and books. It then plays specially recorded text through a small speaker in the pen. The project developed from an idea to improve the visitor experience for people who are partially sighted.’                         
The Press & Journal Newspaper, Scotland

Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre

"We are very pleased with the Discovery PEN - It is an easy way to increase accessibility within the galleries."

Katey Boal - Learning Manager, Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre


Forest Exploration Center

"Everyone loves the pen"  John Gee - Executive Director.

Incorporating different languages

"The DiscoveryPEN has been very successful in our trial and has received excellent feedback. We have extended its run and will certainly look to use this on a wider scale in the Museum in the future – incorporating different languages too."

British Golf Museum.

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

"There is this 'Ah Ha' moment when visitors used the pen. It is magic."

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Oxford Botanical Garden

"The audio was great. Very easy to follow and find sites and I am directionally challenged. Excellent guide for all ages. It was very easy to use. I wear hearing aids and I could hear it very clearly. Thankyou for a very interesting tour"

Visitor Feedback - Oxford Botanical Garden

Paul Sullivan

"The pilot project has been so successful that the pen will be extended to more galleries and collection."

Paul Sullivan - Museum Access and Inclusion Officer, Bristol

The Botanic Garden

"The Botanic Garden chose the DiscoveryPEN as a delivery device for our new audio trail. it is so robust and also very easy to use, with good sound quality. All our visitors have really enjoyed the audio trail." Dr Alison Forster, Curator.

Oxford have two audio trails in their Botanic Garden:  'Tales of Trees and other plants', told by the Garden staff, and featuring author Philip Pullman; and 'Chemistry at the Garden Discovery Trail', an audio trail told by Oxford Chemists