How badges and medallions are sound activated ?

All the badges have a unique number that correspond to numbers in DiscoveryLINK. Open DiscoveryLINK, select the badges profile, then allocate your mp3 files as before. Once ready, connect the pen via usb to DiscoveryLINK and the compiled file will automatically be transferred to your pen. You are then ready to start listening when pen touches badge.

Want to make changes? No problem. Change the appropriate mp3 files and once again, click ‘Upload’ and the new file will be transferred to the pen.

It is as easy as this, make as many changes without incurring any new costs.Remember, the same DiscoveryPEN will read all sound enabled media : leaflets, badges, medallions, wall panels, outdoorplatforms.

"We are very excited to get started. There are so many possibilities. This will really benefit our site."

John Fletcher, Manager of Oral Histories, Anderson House

"There is this 'Ah Ha' moment when visitors used the pen. It is magic."

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

"The audio was great. Very easy to follow and find sites and I am directionally challenged. Excellent guide for all ages. It was very easy to use. I wear hearing aids and I could hear it very clearly. Thankyou for a very interesting tour"

Visitor Feedback - Oxford Botanical Garden

"We are very pleased with the Discovery PEN - It is an easy way to increase accessibility within the galleries."

Katey Boal - Learning Manager, Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre


"The DiscoveryPEN has been very successful in our trial and has received excellent feedback. We have extended its run and will certainly look to use this on a wider scale in the Museum in the future – incorporating different languages too."

British Golf Museum.

"The pilot project has been so successful that the pen will be extended to more galleries and collection."

Paul Sullivan - Museum Access and Inclusion Officer, Bristol

"This is probably the most accessible trail of people of all kinds of disabilities in the entire state. I really hope it spreads."

Accessibility Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Fern Trail