Extra DiscoveryPENs

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DiscoveryPEN is a revolutionary learning technology which significantly increases the effectiveness of learning and remembering. Our aim is not to replace paper with digital but to bring digital to paper. As such the DiscoveryPEN portfolio becomes huge - from 1cm diameter recordable labels to over 1000cm wall panels!

Based on the concept of learning through touch, kineasthetic learning and through listening and speaking, this powerful tool is making in-roads in to many interpretation challenges to museums. "I love the sheer versatility of the DiscoveryPEN system. We are no longer limited to tablets but one project can have audio (and coming soon) video interpretations across many substrates. And to know that we still keep copyright over content is a certain plus!"
Bringing sound to paper, make paper “speak” and you have a simple multimedia creative experience that inspires and excites children and adults.

Many venues need extra pens in addition to the five or six that come in the DiscoveryPEN Kit.
 DiscoveryPEN runs on 2 rechargeable AAA batteries that can be charged by usb directly to a computer or a wall plug or the new 8 pen charger. Charging time is 1 hour and the pen runs for an average of 2500 audio 'taps' at normal volume. (longer if people use headphones)

The pen has a 8GB memory (150 hours) which is extendable to 16GB.  Audio trails are prepared by sending us your .mp3 files which we will run through out workflow and return to you one .tp1 file for your DiscoveryPEN.

There is a discrete hook for a lanyard to be attached and the whole pen has a silicone sleeve that protects against drops and tampering with the batteries and SD cards.

Click here to see how DiscoveryPEN/PenPAL works
Price is £120.00 per pen including recharegeable betteries and USB cable and lanyard.

"The audio was great. Very easy to follow and find sites and I am directionally challenged. Excellent guide for all ages. It was very easy to use. I wear hearing aids and I could hear it very clearly. Thankyou for a very interesting tour"

Visitor Feedback - Oxford Botanical Garden

"The pilot project has been so successful that the pen will be extended to more galleries and collection."

Paul Sullivan - Museum Access and Inclusion Officer, Bristol

"We are very excited to get started. There are so many possibilities. This will really benefit our site."

John Fletcher, Manager of Oral Histories, Anderson House

"We are very pleased with the Discovery PEN - It is an easy way to increase accessibility within the galleries."

Katey Boal - Learning Manager, Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre


"This is probably the most accessible trail of people of all kinds of disabilities in the entire state. I really hope it spreads."

Accessibility Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Fern Trail

"The DiscoveryPEN has been very successful in our trial and has received excellent feedback. We have extended its run and will certainly look to use this on a wider scale in the Museum in the future – incorporating different languages too."

British Golf Museum.

"There is this 'Ah Ha' moment when visitors used the pen. It is magic."

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden