DiscoveryMAP is a new service we are offering that makes interactive maps which reside in your website, users' smart phones or tablets.
Interpret a trail with visuals, sounds, videos, points of interest, quizzes etc. That’s all you have to do; we take over - no need to invest in computer operators, or train up staff. You do what you know best - enriching visitor experiences and enhancing their learning; we make GPS controlled deliverables. GPS registers every 2M so, in a trail that may be 3Km long, you can a lot of points of interests (POI).

Custom Map View
Custom Designed MapGoogle Map

Users can obtain the app through iTunes or equivalent source on their mobile devices, and the client can decide whether to charge or not for the app. The whole trail is GPS controlled with the app delivering content as a visitor passes "Points of Interest" defined by the Client. POI's could be simple pictures or fully fledged audio videos. The app trail can be pictorial, as show in the picture above or users can switch any time to google maps, which though detailed can be too detailed and visually noisy! Different maps can be used for the same trail, designed for children, blind and partially sighted, experts, etc.

There are three levels of service: Gold, Silver and Bronze that have different pricing configurations depending on the richness of the assets being developed into apps. In addition we offer a free tester app for the client to make their own trail to test a concept.

How is our service different?

Is there any training required to operate our DiscoveryMAP?No
Do I need to know programming or have to employ a software engineer?No
Will I have to maintain facility myself?No
Will I have to house the DiscoveryMAPs on my organisation's server?No
Will I be given statistics of usage of any specifiv DiscoveryMAP?Yes
Is making a DiscoveryMAP less expensive than the competition, as far as we know?Yes
Do I get all the three platforms at the same time & cost - web,smartphones and tablets?Yes
Can I have different language renditions on any single DiscoveryMAP?Yes
Can I get a trial version to explore possibilities?Yes
I am not from a big organisation. Have you got a variable pricing system?Yes
Do you provide a software tool or a complete solution?Complete
Is your pricing transparent-cost of making software, maintenance and servers as one cost?Yes


The following table shows feature list for different levels of service

Number of Languages588
Customised IconsYesYesYes
Maximum route length3 miles4 miles5 miles
Maximum POIs101010
Different Layer on RoutesYesYesYes
Advertise to CommunitiesYesYesYes
Own Badges and ReferenceYesYesYes
Audio Content-YesYes
Video Content-YesYes
Games, Quizzes and Interaction-YesYes
Event Map Integration--Yes
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"The audio was great. Very easy to follow and find sites and I am directionally challenged. Excellent guide for all ages. It was very easy to use. I wear hearing aids and I could hear it very clearly. Thankyou for a very interesting tour"

Visitor Feedback - Oxford Botanical Garden

"We are very excited to get started. There are so many possibilities. This will really benefit our site."

John Fletcher, Manager of Oral Histories, Anderson House

"There is this 'Ah Ha' moment when visitors used the pen. It is magic."

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

"We are very pleased with the Discovery PEN - It is an easy way to increase accessibility within the galleries."

Katey Boal - Learning Manager, Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre


"This is probably the most accessible trail of people of all kinds of disabilities in the entire state. I really hope it spreads."

Accessibility Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Fern Trail

"The DiscoveryPEN has been very successful in our trial and has received excellent feedback. We have extended its run and will certainly look to use this on a wider scale in the Museum in the future – incorporating different languages too."

British Golf Museum.

"The pilot project has been so successful that the pen will be extended to more galleries and collection."

Paul Sullivan - Museum Access and Inclusion Officer, Bristol