PENfriend Voice Labeller

for the Visually Impaired Community. 
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PENfriend1 was introduced in 2007 and is always evolving. PENfriend3 now doubles up as a Talking Book player. it remembers the last page you were on. Access over 25000 talking books free from the RNIB. It also is an MP3 player where you can change the order of songs to suit your moods. Use this site to see where to buy PENfriend and all its accessories, get answers to your questions and check out "WHAT'S NEW".


PENfriend3: What's inside the Box

Open the box and see what you get.

Backup and Restore with new Penfriend Software

Learn how to backup & restore your recording the easy way!

Make a recording on stickers

Learn how to record and expand your independence

Talking Menus for Visually Impaired

Talking Menus for Visually Impaired

How to make the menu tactile and sound enabled at low costs.